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Ozark Properties and Rentals

Rental Homes and Condos in Mountain Home, AR

For your rental application, you will need:

  • Proof of open and active Checking Account in good standing
  • Verifiable Social security number
  • Driver's License or State issued ID
  • Proof of Income
  • Rental History (if applicable)
  • Two references
  • Be able to pass a criminal background check
  • Security Deposit holds the unit for no more than two weeks after approved application
  • First and Last Month due upon move-in. First month is prorated based upon move-in date

Below are some excerpts from our lease agreement. Should you require clarification, or have a question, please feel free to contact us.

1.Alterations, Additions and Improvements: Lessee accepts said premises in its present condition and agrees to keep the entire premises in good and clean condition; to commit no waste thereon; to obey all the laws, ordinances and lawful regulations affecting said premises; to repay the Lessor the cost of all repairs made necessary by the negligent or careless use of said premises by the fault of the Lessee, Lessees' family, invitees, and licensees; and to surrender the premises at the termination hereof in like condition as when taken, reasonable and ordinary wear and tear, and damage by the elements excepted. A Condition of Unit form shall be completed within two weeks of occupancy. This will be the base comparison for condition of unit when you move. Lessee further agrees not to insert any large nails or screws into the walls, woodwork, or doors; but pictures or curtain rods may be hung with small hooks or small nails. Lessee may not make any alterations, or modifications that will not be undone by Lessee at time of lease termination. This includes hanging wallpaper, borders or stencils. Lessee may not make any permanent alterations to any part of the leased premises without the Lessor's prior written consent, and if such consent is given, any such alterations, additions, or improvements so made shall become the property of the Lessor upon the termination of this lease. However, the right to create any laborer's mechanic's or materialmans' lien is hereby expressly withheld.

2.Landscaping: Multi-Family dwellings: Lessor is responsible for mowing and yard maintenance. Lessee shall water ornamental shrubbery during dry periods. Single family dwellings: Lessee is responsible for mowing, yard maintenance and watering ornamental shrubbery during dry periods. No parking on lawns or streetside (except for occasional visitors).

3.Waiver of Performance: The failure to the Lessor to insist upon performance of any of the conditions of this lease in any one or more instances shall not be a waiver thereafter of the right to full performance of all of the agreements of Lessee herein set forth, and of all conditions, when any performance is due.

4.Early Lease Termination: Lessee may not terminate lease before the renewal date.  Lessor may be held responsible for balance of lease or monthly rent until such time that new tenant is secured.

5.Surrender of Possession: Upon termination of this lease for lapse of time, or by any default of Lessee in the performance of the agreements and conditions of this lease, Lessee agrees to surrender immediate possession of the leased premises to Lessor, and if that is not immediately done, Lessee shall pay Lessor all the damages which the Lessor may suffer by reason therefore, including penalties or damages allowed by law where a tenant wrongfully detains possession against any succeeding tenant or Lessor, so far as such delay is occasioned by failure of the Lessee so to surrender the premises.

6.Pets:No pets shall be allowed upon the premises without the expressed prior approval of the Lessors.
a. If approved, a $200.00 non-refundable pet charge is required.  Limit 2 pets.
b. If in the opinion of the Lessors, Lessee's pet becomes a nuisance, Lessors may require the Lessee to vacate the premises on five (5) days notice.

7.Smoking Policy:  Lessee agrees not to smoke or vape indoors at any time (including garage).  All rental units are non-smoking, and the outdoor patio and/or deck or stoop is the designated smoking area.  Lessee will forfeit security deposit if tobacco smoke is detected upon move-out.

8.Maintenance and Repairs: Lessee agrees to be responsible for all damages to the premises caused by Lessee, Lessee's child(ren), pets, family or invitees; to be responsible, at Lessee's expense: for stoppage of sewers chargeable to Lessee's use, broken glass/screens, jammed garbage disposals, broken shelves/drawers; to be responsible for ordinary maintenance: such as, but not limited to, changing of air filters, leaking water faucets, smoke alarm batteries and light bulbs. All major repairs to the roof, air conditioning system, heating system, pump and well mechanism, if any, and basic appliances, refrigerator, stove/range, dishwasher, are the obligation of Lessor upon notification by Lessee to Lessor or its Agent. Garbage disposals, washer/dryers, microwaves found in unit may be used by Lessee, but Lessor will not maintain or repair them.

9.Right to Inspect: Lessor reserves the right to enter premises at any reasonable time to inspect the property, with no less than 24 hour notice to Lessee.

10.Utilities: Unless otherwise specified herein, Lessee shall pay for all utilities used in or about the property including, but not limited to electricity, natural or propane gas, water, sewer, trash, telephone and tv cable service. Basic services are normally left on and need to be transferred to Lessee within one (1) business day. They are in the name of E. Russell Webb. When Lessee vacates premises utilities are not to be disconnected, they should be transferred back into the name of E. Russell Webb.

Black Hills Energy 800-563-0012
Mountain Home Water Dept. 425-5115
North Arkansas Elec. 425-2141
Entergy 800-368-3749
SuddenLink  425-3161

11.Damage and/or Cleaning Deposit: Subject to state law, this deposit shall be refunded to Lessee after deduction for all sums due Owner and damages as stated herein, and if Lessee complies with the following: 1) delivery in writing to Lessor or its Agent of a forwarding address for Lessee, 2) vacating the premises in a clean condition, 3) removal of all property owned by Lessee, 4) return of all keys and remote garage openers, and 5) compliance with all other terms of this lease. Lessee shall not withhold the last month's rent on the grounds the damage and/or cleaning deposit serves as security for unpaid rental.

Specific cleaning tasks listed, but not limited to, will incur specific charges against security deposit: smoke odor/ nicotine stained or yellowed walls; mildew/mineral deposits on faucets/tiles/shower doors; grime build-up on stove top, knobs, under burner pans; stove back-splash; heavy dirt build-up on window blinds, a/c vents ceiling fans - each; any trash removal (including items left in garage, storage shed, outside), unreported problems (broken dishwasher, running toilet)

Clarification of normal wear and tear: some nail holes in walls, worn carpet in traffic areas, occasional nicks, scratches in walls, vinyl floors. DO NOT spackle nail holes, paint walls or clean carpets.

12.Redecoration: The Lessor is not to be required to do any interior or exterior refinishing or decorating during this lease. This includes flagpoles and/or any fixtures that change the landscape of the exterior of the dwelling.