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Well, well, well! Look at what I have stumbled upon... my forgotten blog. I was looking at some other websites and decided to create a "new" blog, only to find out that I actually started one over seven years ago. Not at all surprising, sadly. Time really does fly, as they say!

Let us just presume that I have been a very busy lady, shall we?  

In the last seven and a half years, much has changed, and much has stayed the same. The biggest, and most recent change, was the loss of my stepfather, the founder of our company, this past May at 72 years of age. I wish he had had more time here on this great earth that he loved so much. He was an amazing man, and he is sorely missed.

Our company has also downsized quite a bit in the last few years. We have gone from almost 90 properties to just over 60, and we have downsized our office accordingly. Ozark Properties is now located in the tiny little shotgun house I originally moved into when I came to Mountain Home in March 2005! Things have a strange way of coming full circle, don't they?

If you haven't met our newest team member, please come on by our quaint little office and say hello to our wonderful receptionist/ leasing assistant- Wendy! I have yet to put her up on the website, but I promise, she does exist!

As for Josh and I, we are nearing our "empty nest" stage of life, as our youngest son will be graduating high school in May- go Bombers! We are excited as we look forward to our next stage of life, which will most likely include an RV and some traveling, if we are lucky!

I promise to not wait so long for my next blog, and as long as I get it done within seven years, I can count it as positive growth, right?


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