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The Beginning

February 2, 2010

Good Day! Welcome to my first blog!

I am inspired to write on this glittery morning, leaving my driveway (with DH Josh driving, God Bless him!) with the snow just glistening away in response to the peek-a-boo sun.  A rare sight in the grand scheme of things here in the Ozarks, but we have seen our fair share these past couple of years.

I have to admit I do not yet have a purpose for this blog. Every attempt will be made to keep this blog somewhat related to the rental business in general. Although please consider yourself forewarned of my tendency to veer "off subject".

First, a little about myself and what brought me to Ozark Properties and Rentals:

My name is Kaiya Brooks, and my son and I moved here from Boulder, CO for a fresh start AND to fill in the gap left by the former property manager in our family's rental business-- Ozark Properties. With my mom and stepdad looking to spend a lot of time St. Elswhere (inside joke, HI bennie-boo), it was a match made in heaven.

What a change! That move was pretty much a culture shock... but we moved here in March, and within a couple of months we were enjoying all that this beautiful area has to offer- hiking, kayaking, going out on the lake.  Like most who come here, it did not take long to win us over, and we soon settled in to a great rhythm.

Let me say here that Mountain Home is a wonderful place to raise children.  If you would like my "outsiders inside" perspective, just ask, I am always happy to share my thoughts and philosophies :-) .

While getting in the groove of managing 80+ rental units, I met a man named Josh and his son from Vermont. We clicked pretty much instantly- and were married 3 years to the date after we met- I will spare you the love story for now.

As it turns out, Josh is a highly experienced carpenter and long-time carpenter's union employee- with experience mostly in commercial steel building, but talented in most all areas of building and handyman-ism. Naturally, he eventually "signed his name in blood" as we like to joke, and joined the family business as our builder/ maintenance guru. Josh has since built four structures with our sister company RNR Contracting. One (a duplex) has sold, and three are rentals (one of which is up for rent now- ID #3344).

So that is the beginning, and you are pretty much up to speed on how Josh and I came to be managing our family's rentals.

Please let me close by thanking the "anonymous editor" who noticed my typo on the condos. Just wish you would've left a name, number or email so I could thank you in person. The whole anonymous part comes across as a little suspicious instead of helpful :-) Although I do love a good mystery... and am genuinely thankful for the help!

Keep smiling, and please remember in every encounter you have today, that we are all in this together!

Kaiya Brooks

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Interested in your area for a snow bird get away. doctor reccomended a mild climate with not alot of extremes.We have spent alot of time in arkansas and think its beautiful and might work for us. Keep blogging!! Cathy

Hi, am wanting to relocate to Ar again. Did live in Eureka Springs for a little over a year, then returned to Ia. I just don't like it here. Looking for a rental as plan on staying. Do want 2 bedrooms and a garage. Enough counter and cupboards in kitchen and would like laundry facilities. I also have a small 10 year old dog who weighs 6 pounds. I don't want to have to give her up as she has been with me since she was 6 weeks old. Looking for up to $600 in rent to pay or slightly over. Am retired and am 71 years old. Thank you, Karen